This was the first Kinora’s adventure in video game world. The project was ordered by Zeta Multimedia. It was composed of two graphic adventures with a 2D engine, and based on the doings of the Zapatilla family. This was a relatively big project, which for some circumstances, went the wrong way. Anyway, the people involved in the project did their best to get it finished (I’m not lying if I say that it was a dramatic project), but at the end, we could finish the two adeventures. The game received few bad critics on specialized magazines, and looking at it with a calmed point of view, I agree with some things they said. I don’t think that players should know how bad the conditions of working were for the producers, the product has to sell itsel, and I must say that this was not the case… And that’s not good in the kids video games world, were almost everything is absolutely bad.
In conclusion, I must only tell that, anyhow, the people involved in that project should be very proud of the work done in just half a year (more than one big company would like to be able to produce a game like this with the same resources we had). From these lines, I want to sell a salute to all of them who suffered it in their flesh!.