Kinora is a corporation dedicated to generate contents in a massive way. Nowadays its orientation is gearing towards the video game world, but the corporation baggage is big, having worked in so diverse fields as industrial design, photography, 2D and 3D animation, Multimedia, Video games, and many others. This is the last corporation where I have worked. Now you can see some pics of the art-work of some projects of the corporation.

"Concept art" of characters from an action RPG, in development for the PS2 and PC platforms.

Concept art in develpment for an animation short film and a shooter for PC.

Interactive comic with medieval and fantastic background, developed in flash (only adults comic).

LOS XURRIS(in the pirate island and xurris 3D)
Dirección de arte de los videojuegos en desarrollo basados en dichos personajes.

Concept art of an alternative interpretation of Cervantes’ Quijote character “Sancho Panza”

A fishing day
Art director of the 3d animation short film in 36mm, presented to the Goyas awards 2002.

ZIPIZAPE (the time barrel and the world trip).
Art director of the video games produced for Zeta Multimedia, based on Escobar’s characters.

Design of the “Barcelona virtual” section in the webpage, for the tourism department of the catalonia government.
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