Here you Hill find a summary of my student’s life and artistic trajectory.

-Graphic design graduate by the “Escuela de Artes aplicadas y oficios artísticos de Vic” (Applied arts and Craft school from Vic)
-Graduated as cartoonist and illustrator by the Joso Comic School.
-Graduated in graphic arts by the Joso Comic School.

Catalan. High level, spoken and written.
Spanish. High level, spoken and written
English. Intermediate level, spoken and written


Nowadays Im working as a freelance in my own studio (Take a look on my site and send me an e-mail if you are interested in my work.)

JAD Solucions informatiques.
1year and 8 month working as graphic & web-site designer. (since 15/05/2003 to 015/02/2005)

Kinora Computers Animation & FX.
- 4 years.  3 years as art director (since 01/02/1999 to 30/04/2003)

DEMIURGO Productions
- Team of four artists of different disciplines (illustrators, photographers, designers …). One year working as graphic designer for the culture and youth department of the government of Granollers city, and sporadic collaborations with the governments of the cities: Moncada, Lliçà de Munt and Canovelles

-Professor of the first Master in Animation organized by the “Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona”. The subjects of the master where: learning of the ToonBoom and USAnimator software, character creation, and traditional animation fundaments.

-Professor of animation, on the classes given in the Cartoon Forum organized by A.E.P.A., performed in Córdoba (1999-2000)

-Storyboard and graphic design of the short film “Atroce” (competed in the short films category in the “Muestra de cine Fantásticos de Sitges” (fantastic film festival of Sitges)

-Various Works for the american football team of Granollers city (t-shirts, flyers, postals)

-Various Works for the role and simulation club Wizars&Warriors (t-shirts, posters…)

-Corporate identity of the “Centro de Bio-Estética Integral Marga” of Granollers city.

-Photographic session with the Gothic-Metal band “Lost in Dreams”.

-Various photographic sessions with the metal band “The Mace".

-Corporate identity of the Perception Technologies corporation.

-Illustrations and comic inserts in different fascines (“mundo imaginario, “rolmania”, “la baralla”…)

-ANACONDA (Demoscene Group).
Various awards earned on Euskal Party, performed every year on the Basque Country, in the demo category.
"Dark Side". 3rd place in Euskal 9
"359.6"; 1st place in Euskal 8
"Myth of Orion"; 1st place in Euskal 7
"Eunectex"; 3rd place in Euskal 5
"Insane Elements", 2nd place in the Fallas Party 2000 in Valencia.

-3rd and 2nd place in the Illustration awards of the second and third Gen-Con performed in Spain by the Zinco group and the TSR

- Young illustrators collective exhibition in the Cultural Center of Canovelles city.
- Illustration collective exhibition of illustration en the civic center of “la Barcelonesa”.
- Illustration exhibition in the “La Bota Blava” center of Canovelles city.
- Illustration collective exhibition in the civic center of Can Bassa.
- Photographic collective exhibition in the architect school of catalonia.

- I like contact sports, martial arts, and fitness
- My musical taste includes and enjoy heavy metal, new age, or folk.
- I like everything related to fantasy, sci-fi, and terror.

Some of my best hobbies are role and simulation games, video games, comics, cinema, and to enjoy all of this with my beloved friends.